Small Business Booster Add-On

Supercharge Your Business in the Tampa Bay Area with our 6 month DIY Custom Marketing Plan - Add onto our Website & SEO Starter Pack

What Is the Small Business Booster Add-On?

Designed specifically for small businesses looking to enhance their digital presence, this add-on complements our Local SEO & Website Package by offering an in-depth one-hour training session and a six-month DIY marketing plan. This package is crafted to empower you with the skills and strategies needed to manage your marketing efforts like an expert.

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Master Your Online Platform

Benefit from a comprehensive one-hour training session focused on managing your website and business on the Durable platform. Learn to navigate and optimize your digital tools effectively, ensuring you can make real-time updates and adjustments with confidence.

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Comprehensive 6-Month Marketing Plan

Receive a detailed, easy-to-follow 6-month marketing plan tailored to your business needs. Covering ongoing SEO tasks, social media planning, and review strategies, this plan equips you with the knowledge to sustain and grow your online presence. Each step is designed to build your competence and confidence in handling your business’s marketing.

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Empower Your Business with Expert Guidance

At, we bring over a decade of experience in digital marketing within the St. Pete and Tampa Bay areas, offering an unparalleled depth of local market understanding.

Our team has a profound knowledge of Google’s SEO ranking factors and effective social media strategies that are crucial for business success.

With this add-on, we will:

Deep-Dive Analysis: Conduct a thorough analysis of your current digital presence to identify key areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.

Strategy Customization: Develop a customized strategy that aligns with your specific business goals. This includes identifying the most effective channels and tactics for your target audience, whether through local SEO, targeted social media campaigns, or other digital marketing efforts.

Resource Allocation Guidance: Advise on how to best allocate your resources—time, budget, and manpower—to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts.

Tools and Techniques: Introduce you to the latest tools and techniques in digital marketing to keep you ahead of the curve. This includes training on the Durable platform to manage your website and utilize built-in SEO and marketing tools effectively.

*Starting at $500 depending on the size and nature of your business