Weird Walks: Building Community and Exploring St. Pete One Step at a Time

Jun 23, 2023

Embark on an unusual journey around St. Petersburg with Weird Walks, a fun, social, and community-centered initiative hosted by Krystina Lisi and 33 Local.

Weird Walks is less about fitness and more about creating a community mindset and exploring the unique charms of our city. Our walks unravel the wonders of St. Pete's vibrant small businesses, helping you to unearth hidden gems and rediscover well-known favorites. Check out our Meetup group for more details and to join us on our next walk.

Currently, we are planning a special event that combines our love for walking with our passion for supporting local businesses: the 20k step challenge and small business crawl. This event, still in its planning stages, promises to be an exciting opportunity to explore St. Pete, engage with our community, and support local enterprises.

Walking isn't just an activity; it's a mindset. At Weird Walks, we view walking as a form of active engagement with our city and our neighbors. Each step brings us closer to the heart of St. Pete, helping us to understand the city better and strengthen our sense of community.

33 Local, a local marketing agency, collaborates with Weird Walks to bring these experiences to life. Their expertise in creating unique experiences strengthens our walks, making them more than just a journey through city streets, but a vibrant exploration of St. Pete's culture.

But we're not stopping at walking tours and business crawls. Our plans for Weird Walks involve integrating these social walks with other local events and experiences. From art festivals to food tours, we aim to blend the joy of walking with the vibrant activities that make St. Pete special.

With every step we take, we're building more than just fitness; we're building connections, understanding, and a shared love for the city we call home. And with each walk, we're celebrating St. Pete in all its wonderful weirdness.

Join us on this journey. Embrace the weirdness. Explore St. Pete. And most importantly, step into a community that's as vibrant and unique as the city itself.

For more information on upcoming walks and how to get involved, join our Weird Walks Meetup group, and be sure to check out 33 Local to learn more about their role in strengthening our community.