Navigating Digital Marketing for Small Businesses: A Holistic Approach

Krystina Lisi
Apr 10, 2024By Krystina Lisi

By Krystina Lisi: Digital Marketing Expert with Over 10 Years of Experience in Local SEO & Small Digital Business Marketing 

Everyone Is Now A Digital Marketer 

In my decade-long journey assisting small businesses with their digital marketing needs, I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges and vulnerabilities they face. Small businesses often operate with tight budgets and limited staff, which makes them susceptible to being taken advantage of by marketing agencies and new companies who handle a mix of clients from brands to small business and can lack understanding of what it takes to get qualified customers in your area to reach out. They may be brilliant in some areas but lack the experience to understand how to troubleshoot, read the data, and strategize as to why no one is walking in the door. Many of these agencies or new companies, while well-meaning, lack a comprehensive understanding of a small business's complete needs, selling them piecemeal solutions like a flashy website, pricy pay per click solutions, cohesive branding, or a big social media strategy without addressing the bigger picture like "why can't people find me when they're searching for what I sell?" 

The Common Pitfall: Misallocated Marketing Budgets

For many small business owners, digital marketing is an unfamiliar territory that they try to navigate on their own due to budget constraints. Unfortunately, this often results in significant amounts of money being spent ineffectively. It’s not uncommon for a business to invest their entire marketing budget into one area—like an expensive website redesign—only to find that it doesn’t help them generate new business or improve their search engine visibility because the website designer is inexperienced in content and search engine optimization. 

The root of the issue lies in the absence of a holistic marketing strategy. Without this, even the most aesthetically pleasing website or active social media presence won’t necessarily translate into the results a business needs, such as attracting local customers actively searching for their services.

My Passion for Small Business Success

Helping small businesses succeed is deeply gratifying for me. There’s something incredibly rewarding about watching someone turn a passion or skill into a thriving business. That's why I have dedicated myself to developing solutions that help these businesses launch and grow without draining their resources.

Leveraging AI and Advanced Tools to Simplify Marketing

Recognizing the challenges faced by small businesses, I have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced tools to streamline the marketing process. These technologies allow me to scale my efforts efficiently, reducing the time required to build out a website, strategize, outsource content creation, or write code. This efficiency shift means that I can focus more on core marketing strategies, ensuring businesses are visible when potential customers search for them online.

AI is not taking my job; rather, it enhances my capabilities. AI tools are potent, but they require intelligent input to deliver valuable outputs. My extensive experience in local SEO means I understand precisely what to ask of these tools to get the desired results.

Why Search Engine Optimization Still Matters:

For local businesses, especially those that provide immediate, 'time of need' services, showing up in search engine results is crucial. The landscape of local SEO can be complex and difficult to navigate without substantial experience. This is where my background and skills come into play, combined with AI’s efficiency, to provide impactful results quickly.

My Solution: The Perfect Starter Package for Small Business

At 33 Local, we offer a Local SEO Website Package designed specifically for small businesses looking to establish a robust online presence without overspending. This package includes everything a small business needs to start strong—SEO-ready website design, robust content created with search engines in mind, and many other local search engine optimization strategies. It’s designed to grow with your business, enabling you to manage elements independently that would have required continuous expert intervention not so long ago.

Conclusion: Empowering Small Businesses for the Future

In an era where digital presence is critical, I am committed to empowering small businesses with the tools and strategies they need to thrive. By integrating AI and a holistic approach to digital marketing, I can help these businesses not just theive in their local area.

If you’re a small business owner looking to start or enhance your digital marketing without compromising your budget, reach out to see how we can work together to turn your business dreams into reality.

33 Local 

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